Unsurprisingly, a large proportion of them were alcohol-related and included assaults, overdoses, road traffic collisions and falls. 

Between 8pm New Year’s Eve and 5am New Year’s Day, the trust responded to 1,875 calls in the West Midlands, 269 of them in Coventry and Warwickshire. This compares to 159 in neighbouring Worcestershire.

The service usually receive around 2,000 emergency calls a day, meaning they took nearly as many 999 calls in those nine hours as they do in an average 24-hour day.

The peak rate of calls came in between 1am-2am. 

Chief Executive Anthony Marsh said: “It’s thanks to the meticulous planning, hard work and dedication of staff on New Year’s Eve that we’re able to continue to provide patients in the West Midlands with high level care when they need it the most.

“New Year’s Eve is traditionally the busiest night of the year for the ambulance service. This year has been no exception and I am immensely proud of the way the Service has dealt with the surge in 999 calls.”

Breakdown of calls in the West Midlands between 8pm-5am

Coventry and Warwickshire: 269
Birmingham: 485
Black Country: 389
Herefordshire: 39
Shropshire: 102
Staffordshire: 365
Worcestershire: 159 

Members of the Fire Brigades Union in Warwickshire went on strike between 6.30pm New Year's Eve and 12.30am New Year's Day.