“Two dead animals lying in the road, I think it’s shocking,” said Jane. “It’s a popular place and people walk there with their kids.

“How distressing that these two poor animals have not yet been removed,” she added.

“Shame on those that mistreated them so and shame on the authorities for not dealing with what is, at the very least, an environmental risk in a more timely fashion.”

Jane is worried about the carcasses being so near to the River Stour, particularly with the fluctuating water levels.

The couple live in Pillerton Priors but keep horses in Newbold-on-Stour, which is how they came across the ponies.

“We’re back and forth all the time, and that’s the route we take,” said Jane.

Jim reckons the two young brown-and-white colts are only a year old. Who they belong to and the how they died is currently unknown.

“I haven’t looked at them, I can’t look,” said Jane.

Stratford District Council are closed until Thursday 2nd January, and Warwickshire County Council's Highways department confirmed the ponies are unlikely to be moved until then.