The policeman had driven into the Telegraph Street car park just before midnight with one of the town’s PCSOs to speak to some youths.

“The people we went in to speak to were nothing to do with the chap who was arrested,” he said. 

“Because he was being aggressive and drunk he was told to go home numerous times. He then opened the door of the police car reached in and grabbed me round the throat with one hand, and tried to drag me out. He then grabbed me across the chest with his other hand.”

PC Purcell, (above), moved to the Shipston team from Southam in October.

He said: “Although I expect a level of violence off people when they’re drunk, this was definitely different. It was something I hadn’t witnessed before.”

He’s stepped up patrols in Shipston and the surrounding villages for the festive period and wants this incident to be a reminder to others.

“He had no reason to be arrested other than his own drunken behaviour,” he said.

“This sort of behaviour distracts the police from concentrating on burglary and thefts, which are on the increase during this period.

“More people go out drinking around Christmas who don’t go out throughout the rest of the year. We just want people to consider the alcohol intake and the effect it has on their judgement,” said PC Purcell.

He’s reminding people to keep an eye out for their friends, especially those who do not normally drink.

He said: “I have seen arguments in Shipston between friends and in each case there has been a friend that hasn’t been as drunk. We just want people to look after their friends.”

The police are still looking for witnesses to the alleged assault that took place in Telegraph Street car park just before midnight on Saturday. Call the Shipston team on 01789 444670.

On the same night PC Purcell confiscated cannabis off two people in two separate incidents in the town. Neither of them were arrested, but the officer is interviewing them both this week.