“Our official capacity is 388 but we’re now up to 450 and likely to grow to 500 soon so we desperately need a new building or some new classrooms.”

The school has received planning permission for the new building, and this week the head told Shipston Town Council about the plans. 

Mr Baker told the Herald the need for the extra space is only going to get greater.

“Obviously there are plans for a lot of new housing developments in Shipston at the moment and that’s going to put more pressure on the school,” he said.

He’s been pleased with the reaction from the people of Shipston.

“We did consult with the local community and they’re all totally behind it, we’ve had huge support. The full planning permission went through without any objections.”

The school has been working with a team of architects from Birmingham who have come up with a long-term, five-phase plan to completely redevelop the site.

The new building, which Mr Baker hopes will be ready for September 2015, is the first phase of that plan. A new sports hall is included in the second phase, and after that the rest of the classrooms will be replaced. 

“We’re going to rebuild the whole school apart from the hall and the canteen,” said the head.

Built in 1954, the school is in desperate need of a facelift. It is the only secondary school in Warwickshire earmarked for expansion by the county council.

“We have a problem that the school was built in the 50s before disability legislation came in, so we have seven levels and it’s not disability compliant,” said Mr Baker.

“If we had a child coming to us with a wheelchair we wouldn’t be able to accommodate them.”

The long term plan is to reduce the number of storeys at the school to two, and add lifts between the levels.

Work is due to start on the new building in spring or summer next year.