“It was such a feeling of exhilaration that I am now close to the culmination of a dream that I have worked towards for many years.  

"It's amazing to think that mere mortals like myself now have the opportunities for space training and travel that previously only highly specialised astronauts had.  

"And of course, I could not have done this without my wife Roxanne, my own personal ground control!” 

The race to become the first Irishman in space took a new twist when Sir Bob claimed the accolade in September after he announced his intention to reach for the stars using the same space corporation Cyril had already been training with.

Currently, there’s no news of Sir Bob’s impending take off time but he needs to get a move on because according to him mankind will be extinct by 2030 due to climate change.

However, the Irish space race looks as though it might be over.