Mr Zahawi said: “When public sector pay increases have been capped at one per cent, and with private sector workers in a similar position, it is hard to fathom IPSA’s position. While I support IPSA’s independence, it is clear that in this instance they have misjudged the situation.”

He added: “Should IPSA go ahead with their plans it is my intention to donate the pay rise to a number of local charities so they can continue with the fantastic work they do in the constituency.”

Back in July Mr White announced he would be opposing a substantial pay increase for MPs. At that time he said: “I will vote against these proposals if I get the opportunity to do so, but if forced to take the pay rise I will distribute the money among local charities.”

Asked by the Herald this week if that was still his position, he declared: “Yes, absolutely.”

Mr Wright said: “Although all the details of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority’s proposals are not yet available, it would be wholly inappropriate for Members of Parliament to receive a large pay rise at a time of pay restraint in the rest of the public sector.”

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