Brierley met the teenager in a takeaway restaurant in Swindon, the court was told. The next evening they met up in the town centre before he took her to an area behind some bins where he repeatedly raped her during a 45-minute ordeal.

His victim told police: “I begged him, God knows how many times, and he wouldn't let me go. I kept thinking I would die that night.”

Sentencing Brierley to 15 years in jail, Judge Douglas Field said: “I have come to the view that you are a very dangerous, violent sex offender.

“This was a violent incident and the physical and mental harm you have done to this woman must be profound and long-lasting.”

Detective Superintendent Nick John, head of crime investigations at Wiltshire Police, said afterwards: “David Brierley is a violent sexual predator who has proved to be a danger to women.

“This second incident proves he has not been rehabilitated and remains a threat to women in our society,” he added.