The latest puppy they have fostered, Parma Violet, is almost four-months-old and in desperate need of a cataract operation in both eyes.

The pup came from a litter of three, with her brother Popcorn and her sister who was rehomed within a day, but will have her operations paid for by the rescue centre.

At the same time the charity took in another litter of three cocker spaniel puppies; Marmalade, Mango and Mocca.

The two litters came from breeders in Wales, and five of the six need cataract operations in both eyes once they are six-months-old, each operation costing £3,000 per dog.

Mocca is the only puppy who does not need an eye operation but he has deformed back legs, which he drags around when he walks.  

Mocca is currently undergoing hydrotherapy treatment, which    is also being paid for by the charity.

Stacey is supported by her friend Sandra Holt, from Stratford, who is a puppysitter and also rehomed two puppies from the rescue centre.

Stacey told the Herald: “The pups’ eyes can be done at a vets in Bristol, but it will cost £1,500 per eye.

“The rescue never puts a healthy dog down and are going to pay for it. 

“I’m trying to fundraise in any way I can.”

Stacey said that Parma Violet had already been to the veterinary surgery in Bristol and has been given the go-ahead for the ‘gift of sight’ operation.

She said it was amazing how well Parma Violet compromised for her lack of sight, which includes moving her head from side-to-side.

Stacey has placed bells on the collars of her three dogs, so Parma Violet can follow them as they walk past, and she has worked out how to negotiate her way past the furniture in their home.

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