Eleven children in Stretton, who attend Ilmington Primary,  decided to raise money with a village sponsored run, and teamed up with 15 adults keen to compete in a sponsored cycle to create the Stretton team cycle-run biathlon 

The adults’ team cycled 50 miles around the Cotswolds before the children’s team ran around the village in a continuous relay for an hour carrying sunshine batons. The youngsters, aged between four and 12, completed 38 laps of the village, running a total of 19 miles! 

 “The children have really got behind the project and are coming up with great fundraising ideas," ” said Anna Pike, school governor, parent and organiser of the Stretton Biathlon.

Last week three children raised £75 by holding an all-day sponsored silence in school; three weeks ago a six-year-old pupil raised £60 by holding a conker-shy at Ilmington Octoberfest and in the coming months pupils have planned sponsored swims, cake bakes and fashion-shows.

Anna said: "These events really allow the children to get involved in the project."

Ilmington is the only Warwickshire school to have been selected for carbon-cutting organisation 10:10’s Solar School project.

The panels will help the school reduce its carbon footprint,  and cut energy bills, while helping children learn in an exciting and practical way about the environment and sustainable energy use.