Taking over from a resident, PC Cox administered CPR on Florence, and then drove the ambulance to Warwick while paramedics continued treating her. His actions saved the little girl’s life.

PC Brough cared for Archie, attended to his medical needs, and protected him from the traumatic scenes around him.

Detective Inspector Colin Jones was the senior officer who took charge of the accident, directing emergency staff and members as the tragic day unfolded. He then headed up the investigation afterwards.

Warwickshire Police Chief Constable, Andy Parker, said: “His care of those affected by the incident was exceptional, particularly his liaison with the family who had suffered a tragic loss.”

The police boss awarded commendations to all three officers for their professional, calm, and decisive action in response to a dynamic, dangerous, and tragic incident.

They were presented them at a special ceremony in Kenilworth on Wednesday night by the Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire, Tim Cox.

Since the accident, both children have made a full recovery.