If the script had something to make both youngest and oldest laugh out loud and get involved - the prospect of a free drink for answering the cheese quiz certainly grabbed the attention of those a little beyond school age - then the delight of the casting was that it also embraced the full age range of the group.

Even though the script has its own topical and local references, the plot has the familiar twists and turns and while not mentioned in the title, the dwarfs are there, giving a great opportunity for the next  generation to be part of the fun. They had a number of routines in the first half and did a great job.

At the heart of the action was Tegan Westall who brought a delightful innocence to the role of Snow White, while Lisa Maxwell visibly warmed to the role of being utterly evil as, you guessed it, the Evil Queen.

Helen Douglas was a suitably batty fairy and Andrew Bellamy brought real enthusiasm to the dame role as Delia the Cook. Add in a charming prince, some sidekicks and some energetic double acts and you had a busy show, backed with stunning costumes and dynamic live music. 

Wherever the future may take Phoenix Players and their panto, long may its cheery start to a new year continue!