She said: “I studied media alongside theatre, drama and English, which is where my passion for film began while making short films as a Stratford College student.  

“I then went on to study at Coventry University writing and making many short films in the three years I studied. By the time I left I knew the film industry was where I wanted to work and was fortunate enough to get my first role in the media as a runner at Ragdoll in Stratford.  

“From here I then went on to work in a range of production companies throughout Warwickshire and Oxfordshire, before embarking on a trip to Australia to teach film in Sydney.

“It was while I was in Sydney I made the decision to want to come back to Warwickshire and start up a film club using all the knowledge and skills I’d learned while teaching and in the industry itself.”

And so Gemma, under the auspices of Hidden Gem’s Films has returned to south Warwickshire – and launches her new film club, Glittering Stars, in Leamington with sessions starting in the first week of January.

She has teamed up with Warwickshire’s Heartbreak Productions and between them they aim to teach students all aspects of film making, from the theory and history, to the practical elements of screenwriting and making short films and animations. This will culminate in a special end of term film screening.

Gemma said: “I had worked with Heartbreak previously filming their shows so they were an obvious choice to approach as they also run the Heartbreak Hub which specializes in creative learning.

“Through the club I hope to pass on my passion for film and instill in others the creativity which you achieve through the art of film. I feel that creative learning in a fun environment is a great way to learn and express yourself. 

“I want the students who attend to feel a great sense of achievement when they watch what they have produced. Hopefully from this new venture potential new young film makers will be born, which is something the UK film industry needs.”

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