Council report explores impact of no-deal Brexit

Warwickshire County Council's Shire Hall headquarters in Warwick.

A new report by Warwickshire County Council has revealed that preparations for a no-deal Brexit are underway by the authority.

The authority has been given £175,000 to prepare for Brexit and the report looks into the areas in which the county is most likely to be affected post-Brexit.

The EU exit report was be presented at last Tuesday’s full council meeting (19th March), and for the purposes of ensuring business continuity, is mainly focussed on a no-deal scenario.

With a higher than average number of workers in the country coming from outside the UK, Warwickshire would likely be more affected then other parts of the country in industries such as manufacturing, accommodation, food services, health and social care and tourism.

The report also draws special attention the automotive industry, following warnings from companies such as JLR of the devastating impact leaving without a deal could have.

The council believes that such an exit would only have a small to medium impact on its own statutory services, but notes that there is the potential for increased demand for Trading Standards.

It also details when European funding for the region will come to an end and discusses whether replacement funding will be introduced.

The report acknowledges that uncertainty over Brexit had already led to a drop off in business investment activity in the county, but outlines how the authority is working with the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and other organisations to support businesses.

It goes on to warn that Brexit could have negative impacts on community cohesion and hate crime, while there could be more demand for Citizens Advice services from EU Citizens and residents impacted by any local job losses.