In the past twelve months, 17 per cent of domestic burglaries were solved (305 out of 1,795), and 26.7 per cent of robberies (66 out of 247).

There were 2,616 violent offences in Warwickshire that ended in injuries, 18 more than the previous year. The police solved under half of these violent crimes (47.9 per cent).

The 17 per cent ‘solved’ rate for burglaries is below the force’s target of 18 per cent, but Ron Ball, Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said detection rates were “misleading” and should be treated with caution.

“It suggests four out of five burglars will get away with it,” he said. “That is nowhere near the truth. Eventually the majority of burglars in Warwickshire are, and will be apprehended.”

Statistics are distorted because a small number of people commit the majority of crimes in Warwickshire and they can’t be tied to all of them, Mr Ball claims.

Warwickshire's Crime Commissioner Ron Ball said detection statistics can be “misleading”.

Although, strictly speaking, three-quarters of crimes remain unsolved, the police reckon they’ve caught their man more times than that.

On the whole, the number of reported crimes in Warwickshire is down.

There were 1,185 fewer crimes than the previous year (down four per cent) and senior officers are pleased with the results.

“It has been a particularly good year,” said Chief Constable Andy Parker.

“Crime levels are as low as they have ever been. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and commitment in protecting the public of Warwickshire.”

In the Stratford district there were 5,144 crimes reported during 2013-14 – that’s 14 crimes a day and 61 fewer than the year before.

Supt Debbie Tedds, area commander for South Warwickshire said: “That’s a really important figure because last year crime was reduced by 14 per cent and we’ve managed to maintain that level.”

There were 28 fewer violent offences ending in injury (397 in total), 24 fewer stolen vehicles (90) and 369 fewer anti-social behaviour offences.

However, thefts from vehicle break-ins increased (up 42 to 665) and so did domestic burglaries (up 41 to 277).

Supt Tedds urged the public to remove valuables from their cars. “It is an opportunistic crime and it’s about removing that opportunity for the criminals,” she said.

She also asked Stratford to report people behaving oddly around vehicles.

“We’ve had some really good results in the last couple of months because people are phoning in and re-porting suspicious activity.”

Across Warwickshire burglaries fell by 96 from 1,891 to 1,795 and robberies fell by 26 to 247.

At a public meeting in Stratford last week police chiefs urged the public to report criminal activity.

“We cannot catch them if we don’t know what they’re doing,” said Chief Constable Parker. “Please, please, please ask your communities to report these crimes.”