Young people get a taste of the hospitality industry in Warwickshire

Young people attend afternoon tea masterclass at Arden Hotel, Stratford.

YOUNG people received some interesting insights into the appeal of a career in the hospitality sector during the first My Hospitality World Warwickshire campaign.

The campaign which was co-organised by Warwickshire County Council, delivered a series of events around the county between February and March.

Like many sectors, the hospitality industry faces ongoing recruitment problems with young people in 2019 facing more career options than ever before.

That means that employers need to be proactive about recruitment – and many got involved with the camapaign to speak directly to young people.

Among businesses to host events was the Stratford Manor Hotel, where the campaign was launched.

Joanne Hammick, general manager of Stratford Manor and a member of the steering group behind campagn, said: “When I was first introduced to the concept, I welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the campaign and even more so to help shape its contents and be an industry voice.

“The workshops were a great success and myself and the teams involved really enjoyed having direct interaction with pupils. The campaign not only allowed us to share our opportunities but also created relationships with two local schools, which I really value and will build on in future months.”

Pupils and staff alike from Shipston High School, who visited Stratford Manor, were inspired by the presentations by the hotel.

Louise Moorman, careers leader at Shipston High School, said: “We had a fantastic day and it was really inspiring to the students and staff and the event was really enjoyable.

Year 9 student Isabelle Webley said: “The hotel manager showed us a film about the hospitality industry and we couldn’t believe how many opportunities there are. It was very inspiring and taught us that there are many people behind the scenes that you don’t see during your stay at the hotel. These are the people that create your enjoyable stay.”

Lisa Redding, speaking at the Arden Hotel, Stratford, who hosted an Afternoon Tea Masterclass said: “We are immensely proud to have been part of this exciting initiative. The opportunity to welcome teachers, students and parents into our hotels enabled us to really showcase our exciting industry”.