Police issue scammers warning in Shipston as elderly targetted


POLICE have warned residents in Shipston to be on their guard against telephone scam which involves thousands of pounds.

In the last couple of weeks a number of residents in Shipston have been called on their landline and mobile phone by fraudsters.

One person was called by a female claiming to work for BT Outreach. The caller made contact on a telephone number 02081 332416 and gave a story about the client having a faulty router and asking for £100s upfront to fix the issue.

The scammers then said they had put an excess of money into homeowners account and wanted payment back of £1000s.  The scammer then obtained passwords and took control of the homeowners computer. The victim was then asked to go to their local bank and place two bank transfers both of more than £8,000 into the scammers’ bank account. The scammers even had the cheek to recall the homeowner the following day and ask for a further £5,000.

Police say the fraudsters use slightly different ways of introducing the scam. One said they were from Talk Talk and the homeowners router was broken and they had in error put money into the homeowners bank account. They again asked the victim to go the bank and make a large withdrawal for over £10,000.

The victim(s) have been elderly – 70 plus – and all victims have been told by the scammers not to call the police and to tell bank staff that the money is for a relative.

A police spokesperson said: “The personal emotive after affect this is having upon these residents is immense, people are often feeling an element of guilt regarding that they have been taken in by the scam.  As part of my engagement process with victims of crime its very upsetting to see the affect this has upon often vulnerable people who are perhaps lonely and believe what these unlawful people are telling them.

Any member of the public can block any unwanted number on landline or mobile and also inform their service provider. Advice would be do not enter into a conversation with these people and never give out any personal details, account details or put bank transfers into unknown accounts.”

If any member of the public who has a suspicious call asking for any personal details and mentioning money they should be reporting issues to Action Fraud. You can report fraud, including online and internet crimes, to Action Fraud, who are UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime. You can report the crime on their website or by calling 0300 123 2040



  • 1jamessmith1

    don’t people have phones that display the incoming caller’s number, commonly a free service?
    If you don’t recognize the number don’t answer or let it go to answering service so you can see if you know the voice