Compulsory purchase order to buy Wellesbourne Airfield launched

Wellesbourne Airfield

Councillors have agreed to begin a compulsory purchase order (CPO) to buy Wellesbourne Airfield.

Last year the authority agreed to pursue the CPO, but were required by law to negotiate with the landowner first with a view to a voluntary sale.

While such negotiations will continue, the council has now decided to launch the compulsory purchase order alongside these talks.

Cllr Lynda Organ, Resources and Property Portfolio said: “This is the next major milestone in the Compulsory Purchase Order process. Negotiations have been ongoing with the owners, which is all part of the CPO process, for the voluntary acquisition of the Order Land.

“However after today’s decision the CPO will now run in parallel to the negotiations in order to guarantee acquisition of the land and safeguard its operational use.  The Order Land is an important employment site, of which there is a shortage within the District, supporting a number of local jobs.”

The District Council has also investigated how the airfield would be managed in the future and consortia that could operate the airfield in partnership with the District Council – providing a financial return – have already been identified.

The District Council’s budget for the next financial year next year (2019/20) has approved funding to cover the legal costs associated with the Compulsory Purchase Order and support a key part of the District Council’s adopted Core Strategy of committing to supporting aviation activity at Wellesbourne Airfield.

In the recent budget consultation, 61% of respondents supported the District Council’s proposals for Wellesbourne Airfield.

  • bran

    Nice to see the Herald has left out that discovery alone will cost a million pounds in legal costs. Lynda Organ should be ashamed of herself for championing this over the needs of her own constituents.
    Total Joke

    • BobCBob

      totally agree

    • KJ

      Neither have they mentioned the eight to ten million pounds that’s needed to purchase it, nor is it said that the airfield must legally be fully fenced, and runway needs resurfacing. Why don’t they build houses on the other side of the lane from the airfield?

      • jolox

        KJ, I think the cost will be way more. They will have to pay compo for loss of earnings etc too. Industrial land is pretty dear too. They haven’t put too much thought in to it.

        • Big Jim and The Twins

          jolox, you are quite obviously too intelligent to be a Stratford-upon-Avon district councillor. My life has been in Wellesbourne for over 40 years, so I know what the Litter family have done to keep the airfield going, and all for the benefit of the parish not for their own gain.
          Building on the Hunscote side of the lane seems like a good plan/compromise. This is no cost to the taxpayer, and it would leave the Littler family to continue to run the airfield as they have done for decades.

  • old_moaning

    Delighted to hear it …Best thing SDC will have done in my lifetime

    Lets hope its not too Littler too Late?

    • BobCBob

      And here he is, old_moaning, who would probably moan about a new hospital being built near him. What everyone forgets is that this is a private business. How would you react if a CPO was put forward for your house? I bet there would be a good bit of old_moaning about that. #MORON