Injured swan had huge hook in its beak


A swan is recovering after having a huge hook removed from its beak in Stratford.

Former Stratford mayor Cyril Bennis, from the Stratford Swan Rescue group, was called to the canal by Birmingham Road earlier today (Friday) to help the bird.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Bennis said: “When I was called out to the canal by the Birmingham Road this morning to rescue a swan with a fish hook piercing through its beak, I was not expecting one of this magnitude.

“An angling colleague has advised me that although it is not illegal, this is not the kind of barbed hook a genuine, responsible angler would use…unless they were deliberately targeting and trying to catch the swan. Whatever the reason, the swan would have starved to death if it had not been removed.”


  • KJ

    Well done, Cyril. I don’t suppose yourself, or maybe even the Herald, could do something about the manky boat which has been moored up in the canal basin since last summer. It has a wheelie bin, and a porta potty on the jetty next to it. It is gradually falling apart, has no licence, and no one seems to be living on it anymore.

    • wicked messenger

      Stratford doesn’t care any more about its eyesores! One reason why we have moved out.