Marina work not imminent says developer

The land off Seven Meadows Road in Stratford that will become the Shakespeare Marina. Photo: Mark Williamson.

Work on Stratford’s new Shakespeare Marina will not start imminently, despite workers being spotted at the site.

Planning permission has been approved for a 250- berth marina on land off Severn Meadows Road, with developer Land & Water behind the project.

Facilities will include car parking, electricity and water supplies, wifi, toilets and showers, a laundry room, coffee lounge and waste disposal facilities.

There was speculation on social media last week that the scheme could finally be starting after the appearance of workers on the land, however a spokesperson for the company confirmed that these were simply investigative works.

The spokesperson could not confirm when actual work would get underway but said people should not expect it to start straight away.

The idea of developing the land for this purpose has been on the cards for more than 40 years, but Land & Water are acting on a planning permission obtained at the site in 2012.

Little has happened at the site since that time aside from metal fencing being placed around the perimeter of the field.

It was originally stated that the marina would be up and running at the end of 2017.

Last year the company confirmed that it was still committed to the scheme, but simply had other large scale projects ongoing at the time on which it was concentrating.

  • old_moaning

    Pretty obvious that they are just messing around with the fencing and digging a few pot holes so that from a legal point of view they have started building the marina so don’t loose the planning permission …which normally gives five years to start from date of granting otherwise its lost.

    These folk have no intention of building anything …It will simply get sold on yet again …with planning permission to build a marina!