“They’re part of the family,” said the full-time mum. “It is only me, Sasha and my dogs at home. She’s upset, she keeps crying for her babies.”

Christine bought British bulldog Minnie – mother of Honey and Dolly – as a puppy two-and-a-half years ago to be friends with newborn Sasha.

The pair have grown up together, and luckily, thieves decided not to steal the five-stone mother as well as the puppies.

However, when Minnie had a litter of puppies 12 weeks ago, Christine could not sell all of them, and kept two of the girls for her daughter.

It was around the same time that she bought Bella, a unique blue brindle French bulldog.

“I am not an actual breeder,” said Christine. “I just happened to have Minnie when Sasha was little, and you get a bit attached to them. I am just a bit of a bulldog fanatic.”

Twelve-week old British bulldog Honey, with her mother Minnie.

Burglars got into their home on Sunday afternoon through a small back window in the kitchen left slightly ajar. Traipsing mud through the house, they then found the key to the back door and made off with the puppies.

“I am just a bit desperate to try and get them back,” said Christine. “I came home Sunday evening about 7.30pm and obviously walked straight into the kitchen to check on my dogs, and they were gone.”

Police forensic teams have combed the place, but Christine said it looked like the thieves used gloves. However, officers do have one suspect they are trying to track down.

They are now appealing for anybody with information, or anybody who may have seen the puppies since Sunday’s theft or been offered them for sale, to come forward.

French bulldog Bella is dark blue, while Dolly is white with red patches. Honey looks more like a boxer, with a black mask and white socks. All three are micro-chipped.

They were taken from Christine’s home in Justins Avenue sometime between 2pm-7.30pm on Sunday.

Anyone with information should call Police Staff Investigator Tony Smith in the Leamington office on 01926 684261, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Christine is also offering a £1,000 reward for their return. Call her on 01789 509634 or get in touch with the police.

UPDATE: A 28-year-old man was arrested and charged with the burglary on Tuesday evening.

James Cooper, from the Stratford area, but of no fixed address, was fined £50 for theft by magistrates on Wednesday but his burglary case was committed to Warwick Crown Court where he is due to appear on 16th April. He has been remanded in custody until then.

The puppies are still missing.