VIDEO REPORT: Hundreds of youngsters attend Stratford climate change protest


Hundreds of pupils walked out of school today to protest against a lack of action to tackle climate change.The Youth Strike for Climate event saw pupils from a number of local schools gather on Henley Street waving placards demanding action on climate change.

The Youth Strike movement started last year when teenager Greta Thunberg began protesting outside the Swedish Parliament.

The students marched into Stratford along the Alcester Road

Since then thousands of young people have taken part in similar protests, with Stratford joining towns and cities across the UK today in hosting one such strike.

Annie Harper Bradley, 17, who attends Stratford Girls Grammar School said: “We striking because climate change is a massive issue and the government are not doing enough, there is a lot more that can be done.

Protesters Annie Harper Bradley and Milly Lomas from Stratford Girls Grammar School

“All they seem to be focused on now is Brexit, which is a massive issue for young people, but we feel climate change is being ignored.”

  • bran

    Virtue signalling at its finest.
    If they actually feel strongly about this they would have gout out of bed early and protested in London.

    • Luke

      Sadly the strike only lasts 3 hours so I don’t think they could have got from London back to their schools in that time

      • Anonymous

        That’s not the point of a strike – this is what I hate about the situation. There needs to be stakes otherwise of course everyone is going to join in.

    • Simon Teale

      Cost of getting to London is rather prohibitive for schoolchildren during the week.

    • Anonymous

      Any transport uses to go all the way to London would have gone against everything they were campaining for as it would have just released more harmful gases into the climate

  • JD Hogg

    100 million more Africans appear every year. The native European people are reducing by 25% every generation. We are doing our part.
    Our politicians plan to move millions upon millions of Africans to Europe, ostensibly to plug the demographic gap. This plan will have dire consequences for the native British population as we are ethnically replaced.
    But perhaps you are a leftist and race realism isn’t for you. Well consider this: the CO2 per capita of the United Kingdom is 12 times that of Nigeria.* For every Nigerian that comes to this country, 12 times more CO2 is being produced by his lifestyle than it would have if he’d have stayed at home.
    Save the planet – stop immigration.

    *Figures from World bank

    • Simon Teale

      Sound like Nigerian style energy usage would be a good influence on us then. Of course if you stopped breathing that would also reduce CO2 emissions and improve everyone else’s life.

      • JD Hogg

        Simon, thanks for volunteering to give up your boiler, your car and your holidays. You can continue to attend the parkrun, but do be sure to use second-hand trainers.
        Obviously your continued emission of smug is going to be a problem, but I’m sure your technocrat heroes can institute some sort of credit-trading scheme to buy your way out of the guilt.