Laura’s Januhairy goes global

Laura Jackson.

WHEN Laura Jackson hit the headlines with her Januhairy campaign last month she had no idea the whole thing would go totally global.

The former Kineton High School pupil, now studying drama at Exeter University, wanted to raise awareness about body stigmas and challenge notions about what the perfect body should look like. She argues that body hair on a woman is perfectly natural and should be embraced as such.

“Using this platform I grew my body hair and posted pictures on social media this was the catalyst for a social discussion and I’ve had contact with women in Russia, Spain and Canada. I have been so surprised by the success of the campaign and it’s got people talking about their bodies and supporting each other. Of course you’re going to get criticism and people will have their opinions but that means they’re talking even if they didn’t want to about their bodies previously,” Laura said.

The month of January may be over but the campaign – Januhairy – isn’t. Laura, aged 22, intends to keep the debate going as she is  raising money for a UK charity called Body Gossip which increases awareness on body image issues.


  • bran

    How edgy. does somebody want more Instagram likes?

  • wicked messenger

    Herald is obviously pitching for the fetish market. what next??