She sought medical advice, but was told that the condition was not dangerous and was therefore regarded as a “cosmetic” affliction that could not be treated on the NHS.

Jade then learnt that a special helmet to re-align a baby’s head was available commercially, but could cost up to £2,500, which Jade had no hope of affording. But the treatment is not available once a child has become 12 months’ old because, by then, the skull is firmly in shape. As a result Jade found herself in a race against time.

Shortly before Christmas well-wishers started donating money via a charity website. But it was only after Blake’s story appeared on the front page of the Herald on 19th December that the campaign to raise the cash really took off.

“When I first started it I was a bit pessimistic,” said Jade this week. “It was a lot of money to raise in a short space of time. But after the story appeared in the Herald it shot up by hundreds of pounds a time and was going up hour by hour.

“It’s taken me only five weeks to raise just under £2,000. It’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant.”

At the time of writing the Blake appeal had secured £1,986. The helmet he will need costs £1,950. Next Wednesday Jade will take Blake to the Technology in Motion clinic in Coventry where he will undergo a cranial assessment.

Said Jade: “They will measure the alignment by laser to see how out of line his head is. They will then make the helmet to fit his head.”

Two weeks later—around the end of January—she will take Blake back to the clinic so he can have the helmet fitted.

Jade is understandably over the moon that people have so generously given money to help her baby son. One of them was an anonymous donor who gave £250 “so little Blake won’t have to suffer at the hands of bullies at school”.

Another donation was of £500 from a South Warwickshire charity which already helps Head Start for Babies, the charity with which Jade became associated in her quest for funds.

Donations ranged from £2 to £500. One anonymous donor, giving £100, declared: “Both my children had plagiocephaly as babies and I know how stressed you may be feeling. They had the helmet treatment and it worked brilliantly.”

Jade is now hoping that Blake’s helmet will have the same brilliant effect.