Former mayor’s handbag mission to help the homeless


Former Stratford mayor Cllr Victoria Alcock has more handbags then most, but it’s all in aid of a good cause- to help the homeless this winter.

Victoria has been running Handbags for the Homeless in Stratford alongside the Link Project and St Basils, for the past four years, collecting clothing and sanitary items to help those on the streets.

This year she has collected 90 handbags worth of items.

Victoria said: “People in Stratford are always willing to help and support homeless people in the Town, and this is a way everyone can get involved to help.

“The idea came when I read a report stating that sanitary products are the most shoplifted items amongst homeless, as no one provides them. A simple necessity, that most of us take for granted, but the thought of not having anything, really hit me.

“The Idea came as I had a lot of handbags that I never used, so thought about putting basic items in and taking it to an organisation to give out.

“The whole concept has snowballed form then.  I use social media to promote, and people deliver to my house.

“The Birthplace Trust staff and volunteers run their own in house collection, and then deliver them all to me toward the end of the campaign.

“Residents in Stratford are now asking from September onwards when I am going to start, so they all start collecting.

“I am grateful to everyone who has donated. It really does make a huge difference.”

Victoria says that volunteers have also begun collecting bags in Ettington and she is looking to set up collections in other areas.