Help protect elderly against home fire risk


FIREFIGHTERS are urging anyone who cares for an elderly parent, relative, friend or neighbour, especially if they are a smoker or have mobility issues, to apply for a free Safe and Well visit, following the third fatal fire in Warwickshire this year involving an elderly person who smokes. 
Fire crews were called out to a fire in Warwickshire last Thursday and despite the quick response by the emergency services, the resident was sadly found deceased when firefighters entered the premises.

Talking about the incident, Tim Sargent of Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service said:
“This is a tragic incident and our thoughts are with the gentleman’s family and friends at this very difficult time.

“Unfortunately, this is the third fire death in Warwickshire this year that has involved a vulnerable resident who is a smoker. A joint investigation with Warwickshire Police has found that the fire was accidental and was caused by a discarded cigarette.

“This is a stark reminder that smokers are more at risk of having a fire in their home, especially when they are more vulnerable. If you are a carer for a parent, relative, friend or neighbour, then I am urging you to help us to reduce fire deaths in Warwickshire by applying for a free safe and well visit. This will give our crews the opportunity to assess the risk in a person’s home and ensure that preventable measures are put in place to reduce the chance of a fatal fire. It just takes one call!”

If you are a carer; then there are things that you can do to prevent a fire in the home. The main signs to look out for include:
•          Burn marks on the carpets, smoking in bed, overfilled ashtrays
•          Hoarding – storing lots of boxes, rubbish, paperwork around the house
•          Overloaded plug sockets – plug sockets plugged into plug sockets
•          Faulty electric blankets – look out for frayed wiring, burn marks on the blanket

All of the above increase the risk of having a fire in the home. If you have seen any of the above signs in the home of a person that you care for, then please apply for a free Safe and Well visit by logging onto: or calling 01926 466282.

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    how about people learn not to smoke indoors!

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    proof that smoking kills!