Motorcycle parking on Waterside set to be discussed


The rules on motorcycle parking on Waterside are set to be reviewed by Stratford District Council tomorrow (Monday).

The issue is a hot topic in Stratford with many welcoming the sight of bikes parked up on the pavement during the summer month, and the charity work done by groups such as Stratford Bikers.

Others however are angry at what they see as a breach of the rules and argue that the bikers pose a risk to the safety of pedestrians.

A byelaw from 1901 already prohibits vehicles using the land, which interestingly could also be argued prevents mobility scooters from using the area.

However it is generally accepted within the council that the bylaw is historic and in need of updating.

Pat McCullagh, of the Stratford Bikers, said: “Bikers have been parking down at Waterside for more than 40 years and there’s never been any incidents or accidents or any fights. It would be a real shame if the town was to lose this tradition and we’re looking forward to putting our case forward at the meeting.

“We make loads for charity during our Stratford meetings and we don’t doubt that public opinion is on our side, but we’ll just have to see how the council chose to act.”

On the other side of the fence, former Stratford mayor, Cyril Bennis said: “I’m glad that this issue is on the agenda, I believe Waterside is a promenade for pedestrians and it should stay like that. The bylaw should absolutely stay in place and I hope members are able to withstand any pressure or bullying to change the situation.

“The area was always designed as a safe area for pedestrians, I believe it will be a disaster for Stratford if there is any change in the rules.”

During Monday’s Cabinet meeting members are expected to establish the authority’s stance on whether gatherings of motorcycles should be allowed on Waterside.

The decision will inform a review of the bylaw.


  • Liz Guilfoyle

    The bikers should be allowed to park at Waterside .They raise money for Charity. They have my vote to remain there.

  • bran

    They should be allowed to park there but they should pay like everyone else has to.

  • Stu Watson

    I’m a motorcyclist. I get a lot of pleasure from my bikes.
    However, it should not be at anyone elses expense!

    I dislike loud motorcycles and feel that the irresponsible bikers with loud exhausts ( maybe 25% of them) have ruined the “Waterside” parking for the “civilised” bikers.

    To conclude, its clearly an area for families and maybe young children to skate/cycle/skateboard. There is no need to allow motorcycles to park here when there are alternatives.
    Families are the priority.