Report commissioned into new Shipston medical centre

One of the options being looked at is using land at the Ellen Badger Hospital for a new medical centre

Proposals for a new medical centre in Shipston have taken a step forwards after the South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group agreed to investigate the options available for a new facility.

The SWCCG have commissioned an options appraisal report, which amongst other things assesses where a new medical centre could be located.

Two of the sites being investigated are on newly acquired land at Shipston’s Ellen Badger Hospital and on land to the north side of Campden Road which is available through a 106 agreement with local developers.

Rachel Vial, practice manager at the Shipston Medical Centre, said: “I current centre is less than half the size needed for the population we serve, it has little parking and is landlocked so we can’t expand. This draft report is a small but positive step towards getting a new medical centre in Shipston.”