Big wheel operator says 2018 was “OK” in Stratford

The lights on the big wheel earlier this year

Love it or hate it Stratford’s big wheel came down this week as the operator’s term for 2018 came to an end.

Danter Attractions won a three year contract to operate the big wheel on Stratford Recreation Ground for six months each year back in the spring.

The idea of a big wheel was approved by the district council last year, with de Koning Leisure Group Ltd, the previous operator, paying a substantial fee of £155,000 to run the wheel for six months.

Jan de Koning, of de Koning Leisure Group, later admitted that the wheel had not been quite as lucrative as the company hoped, however that didn’t seem to put off Danter Attractions, who won the new contract this year.

This new wheel was bigger than the previous structure clocking in at 40 metres high, with capacity for 180 people.

Its appearance in the spring was not without its controversy either with residents complaining to the council about its glaring lighting display.

Emily Danter, of Danter Attractions confirmed that the wheel would return in 2019 and said its run in Stratford this year had been “OK”.

She added that the company had yet to decide on any changes to the lighting display when it returns next year.

  • Spawnofjabba


    • Spawnofjabba

      Anyone ever googled Danter Attractions? Attach the words ‘safety’ and ‘prosecutions’..for a laugh, check trip advisor too. Not the best company the council could have given a contract to I feel.

      • KJ

        I looked them up and was surprised at what I found. A silly choice of company by the council.

        • 1jamessmith1

          KJ knowing SDC a suitable bribe/ bung back hander was involved