Taxi Driver has dual driver’s licence suspended


A Stratford-on-Avon District taxi driver has had his dual driver’s licence suspended for a period of three months.

Mr Rakesh Singh of Goldicote Business Park, Stratford-upon-Avon first appeared before the District Council’s Licensing Panel on 1 November 2017 where he received a three month licence suspension.

The decision to suspend Mr Singh’s licence had been made on the basis of his fitness and propriety to hold the licence. The Licensing Panel considered breaches of licence conditions including the use of a home-produced driver’s badge, incomplete operator records, incorrect display of a licensed vehicle badge and obstruction of the Council’s officers carrying out their duties, which were referred to in evidence in court.

Mr Singh appealed this decision which took place at Warwickshire Justice Centre in Nuneaton on Tuesday 13 March 2018.  In giving their decision, the justices commented that ‘the public must have trust in taxi drivers and that the Council had made the correct decision.’  The justices concluded that ‘the District Council had acted appropriately and that the period of suspension was not excessive.’  Mr Singh was also ordered to pay the District Council’s costs of £3,655.

Originally Mr Singh was due to appeal this decision from the Magistrates Court but has now decided to accept the decision of the District Council’s Licensing Panel and the Magistrates Court and surrender his Licenced Badges for three months.

Cllr Sue Adams, Chair of the Licensing Panel that first heard this case, says: “People who use taxis across Stratford-on-Avon District have a right to expect high standards.  The District Council’s Licencing Panel will always take action against those who fail to meet standards expected of them.”

The suspension started on the 13th August 2018 and finishes on the 13th November 2018.