Four vehicle crash on Grove Road

The collision in Grove Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, earlier this afternoon

Police are currently at the scene of a four-vehicle road traffic collision on Grove Road in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The collision, at around 1pm, involved two BMWs, a Mercedes and a Biffa bin lorry, with extensive damaged being caused to all three cars.

No-one is believed to have been injured in the collision and police are currently conducting traffic management and recovering the vehicles.

  • RJH

    “involved two BMWs, a Mercedes and a Biffa bin lorry” Say no more.

    • Stephen Gibson

      What is that supposed to mean?

      • old_moaning

        It was a rubbish joke…either that or a recycled one

        • SG


    • SG

      Still waiting for a reply ‘RJH’, seems like from your comment you were jumping to some sort conclusions… ???

    • TGB

      There was a crash on the Arden Street/Alcester Road junction at around 7am this morning involving an Audi and a Peugeot. As the forum racist would RJH like to draw any conclusions?

      • RJH

        Not really. But curious to learn how you have come to your own conclusion on the racist part of your comment. Please elaborate.