The Wolverton Primary School pupil went to No 10 with mum Kirsty, 32, but despite meeting the Prime Minister’s wife, little Cameron told the Herald his favourite part of the trip was “when we had the sausages.”

Impressed with the canapés, the six-year-old was obviously taking his role as an ambassador for children’s food seriously.

After they were searched and given special name badges, the kids were entertained by a magician before they met Samantha Cameron, hosting a reception for the National Obesity Forum.

Mum Kirsty said: “It was very interesting, we didn’t know what to expect. The magician was fantastic, when you have got young children and you go somewhere like that you get anxious, but he broke the ice a bit and made us relax.”

As well as meeting the Prime Minister’s wife, Cameron also got to meet Larry the Downing Street cat when a guard pointed him out hiding behind a curtain on a window ledge.

The six-year-old boy from Warwick was given a postcard of a picture of Larry, which is now going up on his wall alongside his official name badge.

Kirsty said: “The whole day for him was just amazing. When he got home he was saying he wanted to go back to London.”

National Obesity Awareness Week is running from 13th-19th January. It is hoped it will encourage the public to take action after reports warn that half of the UK population could be obese by the year 2050, costing the country £50 billion a year.