Top jobs go in RSC cost cutting


THE Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has announced a number of top management changes in a bid to deliver its work across a wide range of areas and to protect the company against financial pressures the RSC says it faces.

This week Catherine Mallyon, executive director of the RSC, said of the staff changes: “We have been considering how best we can deliver our work across a range of areas, given the financial pressures we face, and have made a number of management changes. We have created a new role of director for audiences and marketing to bring together all our audience-facing activity. Following a formal process, Chris Hill, currently director of sales and marketing, will take up this post from the end of July.”

“Director of communications, Liz Thompson, and director of commercial services, Sara Aspley, have chosen not to apply for the role and instead concentrate on new projects beyond the RSC. We will keenly miss Sara and Liz’s active engagement in the work of the RSC when they depart and wish them all the very best in their future successful careers, knowing that they have left a powerful legacy across so many areas of our business.”

  • John Nisbett

    Financial pressures !
    £30 average ticket price 1,000+ capacity

  • bran

    How the RSC runs at a loss is beyond me. Bad management?