Council expected to reject relief road compensation scheme


Stratford District Council look set to reject a proposed compensation scheme for those living close to the town’s proposed South Western Relief Road (SWRR), put forward by Liberal Democrat councillors.

The scheme, outlined at a meeting in May, is aimed at helping only those who may be forced to move home prior to completion of the road.

Such residents claim the plans for the road have already influenced house prices, but if they move prior to its completion, they would not be able to claim statutory compensation, which is only available one year after construction.

However the recommendation to Full Council from the Cabinet is for the scheme to be rejected.

Cabinet members felt there were already measures in place at the moment to address the compensation issue via the Steering Group and/or planning process and also Warwickshire County Council.

The scheme was one of a number of projects put forward by the Liberal Democrat Group after its members urged the council to consider suggestions from all members when deciding what to spend the authority’s reserves on.

A final decision will be made next Monday.

  • Mark Butler

    they can afford a CPO of Wellesbourne airfield, but can’t help these people?

    • bran

      Come on its how the stupid Council Members like to work. ignore the residents and the much needed road and buy an airfield so some rich idiots get to keep there hobby!!

      • 1jamessmith1

        bran & Mark , my Brother who went to Chipping campden school is now an air traffic controller, because he learnt to fly at Wellesbourne airfield. He relied on things like scholarships.