Major opposition to power plant

District councillors Sue Adams and Mike Gittus at the site of the proposed power station between Temple Grafton and Haselor.

THREE hundred letters of objection have been submitted by people living close to the proposed site of a gas-fired, electricity power station between Haselor and Temple Grafton.

The deadline for objections to Enso Energy’s planning application passed on Wednesday, and there appears to be very little public support.

Many objections centre around health and environmental concerns, with others dismissing it as ‘speculative’.

The company itself says the power station is dependant on the successful negotiation of a deal with National Grid to be a so-called ‘capacity contractor’.

There are currently no such power stations in Warwickshire that help meet demand for power.

Several parish councils and local politicians have expressed concerns, as has the Forestry Commission and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

A letter of objection has also been submitted by a law firm on behalf of 200 residents of both villages.

It reads: “The proposed development is in conflict with the local plan and there are no material considerations which indicate planning permission should be granted.”

But Stratford District Council’s environmental health department has dismissed health fears, saying it would have ‘no significant impact’.

  • bran

    Over 27,000 people in the district, 300 nimbys who are scared of technology is major opposition? classic nimbyism as usual. this district will grow up one day;0