Conservative district councillor calls for PM to resign over Brexit


A Conservative Stratford District Councillor has called for the Prime Minister to resign, saying she has no confidence in her over Brexit negotiations.

In an open letter to Conservative MPs Cllr Molly Giles says the Prime Minister has made her negotiating position impossibly weak by accepting the EU’s premise on the Irish boarder.

Despite both campaigning to leave the EU, Cllr Giles’ views clash with those of Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi, who this week backed the PM’s position on Brexit negotiations.

Cllr Giles writes: “Not only do I think the Chequers proposal is unacceptable in its current form, the inevitable further amendments to it by the EU will put an end to Brexit to all intents and purposes. That is not the Brexit that anyone I know campaigned or voted for.

“So far as the Prime Minister is concerned, the apparent deceitful behaviour towards the Department for Exiting the EU, as described by David Davis and Steve Baker leaves me with no confidence whatsoever her, her advisors and the influential civil servants have any intention of even attempting to broker an optimum deal with the EU based on a free trade agreement.”

She added that she believes other Conservative members share her scepticism in the ability of the Prime Minister to deliver Brexit and believe she is “fundamentally incapable or unwilling to face down the EU and advocate for an optimum arrangement.”

She concludes: “I hope the parliamentary party will recognise that we need a leader who has sufficient authority and courage to take on the powerful vested interests that are determined to ensure we stay locked into the EU’s sphere of influence.”

Speaking to the Herald this week Mr Nadhim said: “At Chequers on Friday I believe the Cabinet reached a sensible, ambitious and pragmatic proposal that works for both the 52% and 48%, supports British business and protects jobs. It will form the basis for progressing negotiations going forward and should be taken very seriously by our friends in the EU.”

Commenting on the recent resignations in the cabinet, he added: “I regret the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson in the wake of the negotiating proposal reached by the Cabinet at Chequers. Whilst I disagree with their assessment of the Government’s now-agreed proposal which underpinned their resignations, I pay tribute to their service and achievements during their time in Government.”

Mr Zahawi, who campaigned to leave the EU, previously backed Boris Johnson to become leader of the Conservative party in the wake of David Cameron’s resignation, though Mr Johnson later ruled himself out of running for the top job.

  • let’s get on with it

    Cllr Giles once again “desperate” to grab a headline. Pathetic. An embarrassment.

    • bran

      She seems to be the only politician left in this town that actually has her head on her shoulders.

      • sportfirst

        Far from it because the Brexetremists have no leader because there is no one who has an agreed clue what it would really look like in practice. No Leave leader will put themselves forward as then they will be responsible and accountable for all that goes on – a sentence for political oblivion.

  • johnie

    ‘Taking back control’ – 2 years and who knows how much this has cost so far.

  • jontyoung