Awards help mark NHS 70th anniversary

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) chief executive, Glen Burley, and chairman, Russel Hardy, with the anniversary award winners.

HOSPITAL staff have been honoured for their contribution to the NHS as it celebrated its 70th birthday last week, writes Ruby Smith.

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT), which runs Warwick, Stratford and Shipston hospitals, has presented three awards that each highlights how staff have gone above and beyond to help to deliver world class treatment to patients.

The NHS was created in 1948.

Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Awards were given to Eva Buxton (clinical winner), Dawn Collins(non-clinical winner), and the Malins Ward team.

The awards were presented by trust chief executive, Glen Burley, and chairman, Russel Hardy.

As well as the GEM awards, the trust presents Innovation Awards to individuals who have submitted ideas which will help to improve care in the future, the winner was Janet Sidgwick and the runners up were Dr Alexandra Shields and Dr Inayah Zaheen.

Several other events to mark the anniversary were also held across the rest of the organisation.

Trust podiatrist and union representative, Sue Pike, who helped to organise an anniversary event at Warwick Hospital, said “The staff and volunteers do a great job, so it is really nice to recognise this and reflect on how much our health service means to us all.”