Government cash to prevent homelessness


FUNDS to the tune of £155,000 have been freed up from a government grant to help reduced the risk of homelessness in the district.

It’s hoped the financial boost will help those at risk of becoming homeless to keep a roof over their head.

Stratford District Council (SDC ) has agreed the new policy – known as Housing Early Lifeline Payment (HELP) – to provide financial support to help residents either stay in their current home or secure new accommodation.

The move was supported by councillors at SDC’s recent cabinet meeting and is considered to be a more proactive approach to the homeless issue.

The money would be provided for up to six months and recipients would also be supported by charities and other organisations to help them long term.

  • bran

    There would be more if they didn’t piss the money up the wall buying a god damn Airfield!!!!

  • 1jamessmith1

    bran though not direct, SDC killing businesses and jobs with exorbitant business rates dose little to help any one afford any where to live. Ever increasing rents don’t help either