Camels to visit Grenfell festival

Daisy Fossett with the camels.

A HERD of camels are heading to London to entertain and support children affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Daisy Fossett, aged 19, a member of the circus family bearing the same surname, will be in London with the camels on Saturday, 30th June, at the North Kensington Youth Festival.

The camels belong to Daisy’s parents — Joe and Rebecca — and live on a farm at Idlicote, near Shipston.

Daisy will introduce children living in the community to the camels and present a show explaining their origin, African heritage, and the traditional work they do in desert countries like Morocco and Tunisia.

The Fossetts recently met Zoe Le Vack, the founder of Kids-on-the-Green and a youth worker in North Kensington, Zoe started an emergency response project on the morning after the fire which broke out in the early hours of 14th June.

By 11am and with the backing of the Edward Woods Community Centre, to where donations were being sent, Zoe put out a call for teachers and child mental health workers and rounded up four volunteers to a calmer green space and Kidson–the-Green was born.

She said: “The trauma of Grenfell is still raw, families who turned to Kids-onthe-Green have been in shock; they’ve been angry but they should be able to smile and laugh.

“The presence of Daisy Fossett and her camels from south Warwickshire at the North Kensington Youth Festival will be a part of that.”