Power plant proposals fuel village campaign

District councillors Sue Adams and Mike Gittus at the site of the proposed power station between Temple Grafton and Haselor.

HUGE opposition is emerging to shock plans for a gas-fuelled power station in the protected Arden Special Landscape Area between Alcester and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Full story in the current edition of the Herald, download a copy HERE

  • bran

    King of the Nimbys in that picture. prime example of our titans of politics…. not

  • James C

    Maybe Gittins would prefer it to be in Stratford … where he doesn’t live. Which is where the proposed new flyover will go. And the big wheel. And the ridiculous new traffic lights. Obviously not in Alcester.
    This type of utter hypocrisy has defined the local councillors in recent years.
    While we’re at it, a new sewerage plant in Walcote?

    • old_moaning

      All of them voted through the core strategy apart from the Conservative councillor who’s patch the new “relief road” runs through…Its on video

      …you can watch them laughing at her whilst she makes a speech defending her actions…presumably at the same time they were all heaving a big sigh of relief it wasnt on their patch!

      Shows up everything that is ultra rotten in local politics