She said: “I am appalled, I just think it’s outrageous. They’ve basically told us that they didn’t have enough funding, and there needed to be six accidents before they can even consider reducing the speed limit.”

Fiona and other parents at the school have been campaigning for two years to get the 40mph Wolverton Road outside Norton Lindsey reduced to 30mph, or ideally, 20mph.

“I’m really disappointed, our children’s lives are at stake,” she said. “It’s been an issue for many years, and it just seems to fall on deaf ears.”

Many Stratford residents are also perplexed by the decision to change the Tiddington Road limit when there is still a 40mph limit near Stratford High School.

Rod Barnett said: “Why a 30mph limit on that section of road, you don’t see many young children walking along that stretch of road, in fact you don’t see many people. On the Alcester Road you still have a 40mph limit just past the school, which does have many pedestrians using it, especially children.”

Jo Edwards, from the council’s road safety team, recently visited Wolverton Primary School and told secretary Jane Thirlaway the speed limit could not be reduced.

Speaking to the Herald, Ms Edwards suggested a 20 or 30mph speed limit outside the school would not actually reduce the speed of motorists.

She said: “The speed limit cannot be reduced outside Wolverton School as any lower speed limit would not meet the required criteria.

“The environment here is very different to that of Tiddington Road, and extensive research carried out by the Department for Transport shows that inappropriate speed limits (i.e. where the criteria is not met), simply does not result in reduced speeds by the majority of drivers.”

The change on the Tiddington Road was made because of the significant number of driveways that open on to the road.