Residents get the chance to test electric bikes

Jon Chandler and Jo White

Stratford residents were given the chance to experience the latest electric bike technology recently during a special event at Tiddington’s recently refurbished cycle track.

The event, put on by Warwickshire E-Bikes, was designed to showcase the technology to locals, with a range of eight models to choose from.

Warwickshire E-Bikes has been operating on Western Road for around two years and owner Jon Chandler believes the technology could provide real benefits to Stratford.

Jon Said: “To be honest the hardest part of the battle is actually getting people to give them a go, but we’ve had a lot of interest today, lots of people have turned up and once they try them they think they’re great.

“Electric bikes are the real growth area in the industry at the moment and I think that more people cycling would certainly benefit Stratford, it would help ease the traffic problems and I also think it’s a nicer way to travel into town.

“In terms of cycling infrastructure I still think Stratford has a way to go and more money needs to be invested, but it was good to hear that the county council is looking to take steps in this direction. The bikes are pedal assisted, you still get the exercise, but you can adjust the resistance making it easier to go up hills and things like that.”

Luddington resident Jo White said: “I’ve got a disability so I can’t ride a normal bike, so I just thought I would come along to see what this technology is like. I used to go cycling and fell walking and I think the concept of electric bikes is brilliant. I’ve not quite found one that’s right for me today, but I think I probably will in the future.”

Jon said Warwickshire E-Bikes would likely hold up to four more events at the cycle track in Tiddington over the next few weeks.

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