Warwickshire Police issue appeal over anti-Muslim letters


WARWICKSHIRE Police has appealed to anyone who receives a letter featuring anti-Muslim messages to get in touch.

Four MPs across the country were said to have received the letters earlier this week, while others have also reported to have had them on social media.

The force said it had not been contacted by anyone within the county who had had one, but urged anyone who had to come forward.

Chief Superintendent Alex Franklin-Smith of Warwickshire Police said the matter was being treated ‘extremely seriously’.

“Tackling hate crime, no matter at whom it is targeted, is a priority for us and we seek to engage closely with members of those communities affected,” he said.

“We know that on a national and local level hate crimes are underreported. We are committed to ensuring all victims – no matter what religion, culture, or ethnicity they identify with – have the confidence to come forward and report any incidents or crimes.

“Those who commit hate crimes target people simply because of who they are. Often, the victims of hate crime are some of the most vulnerable members of our society and the impact can have a serious impact on both the individual and the wider community.

“We guarantee we will carry out a thorough investigation into every reported hate crime. We will also ensure safeguarding is in place to look after victims.

“Hate crime in any form will not be tolerated by Warwickshire Police.”

  • JD Hogg

    The idea of a “Hate Crime” is implicitly anti-white.

    Just to remind people: We had vehicle attack prevention barriers at the Christmas Market in STRATFORD UPON AVON.

    I for one LOVE this dreamlike utopia our political overlords have built for us. It’s so much nicer than what we had before. Great job!

    • Hugh Janus

      What are you talking about? Those barriers are to defend people against anyone running down innocent people in lorries regardless of the driver’s religion. Like that Christian guy in a foreign country who ran down and killed loads of people in a lorry.

  • Sam Huston

    Hello from Canada.

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    Can you imagine the devastation to humanity if Hillary Reject Clinton’s Obama sanctioned coup d’etat had worked and she had tag teamed her corruption with my bizarre beta male pajama boy Prime Minister’s absurd alternate reality lib/prog utopia?

    America and the Free World dodged a huge bullet by not letting that Clinton creature steal the US elections, and for that,

    Humanity owes Trump voters a great debt of gratitude. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/75b6dcf485e1d4ffc9fd8cf4e3819a28d8e7bc7bb69312678ae04b6ca23e8268.jpg