Police use drone to catch suspected drug dealers

A picture taken from the drone, which was deployed in several locations across Stratford today.

Two people were arrested on drugs offences today following an operation by Police in Stratford-upon-Avon.

During the operation officers used the latest technology, sending up a drone to help gather intelligence.

The arrests come as part of the police’s efforts to combat county lines drugs trafficking, where drug distribution networks from larger towns and cities attempt to establish markets in smaller county towns.

A male from Birmingham and a female from Leamington were arrested on suspicion of possessing class A drugs with intent to supply.

Sgt Simon Ryan from Stratford Police said: “Our use of the drone demonstrates the kind of resources we have here in Stratford to combat crime and warns criminals that we will find them using every means we have available.”

  • bran

    Oh dear Stratford Police you don’t know your own law. Police drone use is currently restricted to missing people searches. its not actually legal for you to use as a covert device.
    Also did they inform all the local land owners that they were flying over there gardens. I’m sure they know its against the law to fly them within 50 meters of private property without getting express permission first.
    If the offenders solicitor is savvy enough this case will get thrown out.. unbelievable!!!

    • KJ
      • bran

        Still doesn’t mean they got permission from the owners to fly over there houses. I’ve had dealings with the local police on a technical level. they are serious technophobes who can barley use email.

        • RJH

          But can they use the correct grammar for ‘there’ or ‘their’? 😉

          • KJ

            And ‘barley’ or ‘barely’ 😉

        • KJ

          Read the link. If they have permission from the CAA they don’t need permission from the owners.