’Committed to working together to find a solution’

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Stratford ArtsHouse today to show their anger at its proposed closure. Photo: Mark Williamson

A JOINT statement issued by the Town Trust and ArtsHouse Trust this evening pledges united efforts going forward to maintain the venue’s future.

It comes a fortnight after the highly controversial announcement that the ArtsHouse faced closure and that all events after 5th May are cancelled.

It has prompted a huge campaign as well as petition and even protest scenes.

The statement reads: “The recent announcement that the current funding agreement for the ArtsHouse Trust is not being renewed has led to widespread debate as to how the ArtsHouse venue can best be used.

“However, what we can confirm is that the ArtsHouse Trust and the Town Trust are united in the venue continuing to be a focal point for the community. Stratford Town Trust and Stratford ArtsHouse Trust are committed to working together to find a solution for the ArtsHouse that is both community orientated and financially viable.

“Our joint vision is to explore the possibilities for user partnerships to form, whilst maintaining a dynamic, flexible and sustainable approach to the venue that reflects the ever changing community requirements.

“The recent public support for the future of the ArtsHouse proves that its unique and adaptable auditorium space is regarded as a valued asset by the local community, that has yet to realise its full potential.Stratford Town Trust has invited the community to propose viable solutions to secure the future of the ArtsHouse as a venue.

“The ArtsHouse Trust wants to support users and those supporting the venue to develop a proposal that will see a vibrant future for the ArtsHouse as an arts and community venue whilst ensuring that future use can create a sustainable impact across the broader community. All interested parties can contact either the Town Trust or the ArtsHouse Trust to initiate conversations about potential future usage of an amazing community asset.”

Save the ArtsHouse Campaign organisers and representatives of some of the affected groups are meeting with the Town Trust tomorrow, Wednesday, for latest talks.

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