Anti-Brexit bus set to arrive in Stratford

An Anti-Brexit bus visited Stratford earlier this year

An anti-Brexit bus is set to roll into Stratford tomorrow highlighting remainers’ concerns about what they believe will be the potential consequences of Brexit.

The bus, which will stop at Waterside at 12pm as part of a 33 stop national tour, is emblazoned with the phrase ‘Brexit to cost £2,000 million a week’.

The group say the figure is based on the Government’s leaked report that Brexit, even with a Free Trade Agreement will, cost us 5% of GDP after 15 years.

The use of the bus has been designed to echo the leave campaign’s bus used during the EU referendum campaign, which was heavily criticised for claiming leaving the EU would save the UK £350million which could be spent on the NHS.

Jonathan Baker, chairman of Stratford4Europe, said leaving would mean more cuts to essential services, while Edward Fila, who stood for Stratford UKIP in the 2015 general election, dismissed the bus as ‘nonsense’.

Current Stratford UKIP chairman, Frank Rietz, said the government figures were only ‘projections for a given set of assumptions’.

But he added: “Brexit should not be solely about whether we are better off or not outside of the EU. The prime focus for Brexit was re-establishing control over the laws that applied in the UK.”

See full coverage of the visit in Thursday’s Herald.

  • Centre Parting

    It’ll be blocking the roads with the open top buses.

  • Michael Cronshaw

    I think Ben Lugg had something else on his mind when he wrote that headline.

  • Kaitey_the witch

    Do the remoaners get on board and get taken down to dover?

  • Richard White

    This is total lunacy and a disgrace. Anyone with half a brain will understand that there is simply not enough evidence to support a figure of £2million before all the agreements have been put in place. This is not a figure that anyone in government will endorse without that evidence. How can they, until a final settlement is agreed between us and the EU.