Eastern European convenience shop plan submitted


Plans for a new convenience store specialising in Eastern European foods have been submitted to Stratford District Council.

The applicant is seeking to convert the unit in Western Road, which sits adjacent to a unit occupied by disability services organisation Avon Support, into a 380sqm convenience shop.

The store would be run by the company Grosik, which already has established premises in Banbury, Huntington and Crewe.

It would sell food and drink, tobacco, consumables, with a particular emphasis on Eastern European and domestic products.

If the application is approved, the store would create ten full-time jobs and would operate between 7am-10.30pm Monday to Saturday and 7am-8pm on Sundays.

A decision on the application is expected towards the end of March.

  • bran

    Nice way to integrate into society hey!!!!

    • 1jamessmith1

      Bran Not at all, I regularly use a similair shop near the old safeway. Staff on average have reasonable English. A bit of common sence helps every one. Typically things have pictures on the out side to show you what they are. If you saw a bottle of ‘Zywiec’ what would you do with it?

  • RJH

    Well, why not? There is a huge and rapidly growing Eastern European customer base that would see this shop thrive!