Nadhim Zahawi now leaves family firm role

Stratford-on-Avon MP Nadhim Zahawi.

STRATFORD-on-Avon MP Nadhim Zahawi has unwound his business interests after being made Education Minister in the recent reshuffle. 

Having pledged to give them up if made a Minister, the Iraqi-born MP resigned as a director of Zahawi & Zahawi, the firm he founded with his wife Lana in 2010.

He transferred his 50 per cent stake to her, filings on Companies House show.

Zahawi, who founded pollsters YouGov, also resigned from the board of recruiter SThree in October and has also left his £350,000-a-year part-time role at oil firm Gulf Keystone.

  • Steve Blackman


  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    More time to spend at questionable evenings out with the posh rich boys?

  • Adam Balding

    Why do the stupid people of Stratford keep voting this money grabbing self indulgent pervert in repeatedly?????
    He charged thousands of pounds of our taxpayer’s money as expenses to heat his vast horse stables. He does not care, does not live in the real world. It is all money, money, money. He is an Iraqi Kurd. He has not gone through our school system, he does not understand British life. You should only become an MP if you or your parents were born in the UK and have been educated fully in the locality or this country so you understand the British way of life and struggles !

    • bran

      You could put a blue ribbon on a piece of dog shit and the nimbys in this town will vote for it….

      • I Pidge

        Like it….about time someone thought about a total foreign person getting involved in making money and no idea with the local ppl and politics and slapping ladies arses ..stayin all night, not what he said before…!

    • The Lone Ranger

      Wow… Adam sounds like a true German pure Blonde haired and blue eyed Arian, should we send these non brits to prison camp redditch and make them wear a yellow star or similar?
      i think you need to check the guest list for the actual event it may surprise you! OH maybe not I forgot this is not about attending a Gentleman’s Evening! It’s about Iraqi Kurds and the struggle of the Arian race!

      • Mary

        I agree, the way Adam Balding phrased his opinion sounds questionable, but there is some kernel of truth there. Nadhim Zahawi came to the UK in 1976 but his family were rich and they educated him in a private school – so although he was educated in the UK, it was a privileged one. I knew his wife, Lana, before she married him. Her father was an arms dealer who made his millions before moving to Putney in London. Her brother, Brosk, when he was aged 18, drove a turquoise Rolls Royce. They had no moral conscience, lived to impress, seemed fake & pretentious and Lana was only concerned about her looks & showing me her luxury items in her room. I only visited her house 2 or 3 times even though my father was good friends with hers and we were neighbours. I felt completely disconnected with her world, her values & her aspirations. I know she left her first husband to marry Nadhim – she was in love with him. But I know what Nadhim stands for, what he aspires to achieve & what motivates him, and that is nothing to do with caring about the British people. He only cares about his self-enrichment, his status, his sense of power & social standing, and furthering the cause of the Kurds – only if it doesn’t interfere with his money-making endeavours. For him to be a British MP & a government minister is farcical. But there again, there are many UK MPs, home-grown who are as self-serving as him. He’s no exception.