The public meeting was for Ron Ball, Warwickshire’s police and crime commissioner, to hold the county’s chief constable, Andy Parker, to account.

It is the essence of Mr Ball’s £65,000-a-year job, one which is supplemented by seven members of staff and one deputy.

The commissioner’s office also has a chief executive on £77,000 a year and the whole system costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Mr Vos angrily pointed out a grand total of three members of the public were at the previous public meeting in Stratford, held in early 2013.

There weren’t many more this year – official figures say 15 – and Mr Vos demanded the meetings be better advertised.

Commissioner Ball, who was elected in 2012, said: “I don’t think we have any alternative but to take that one on the chin.”

However speaking to the Herald afterwards, a disappointed and hurt Mr Ball changed his mind and decided the criticism levelled at him was “unjustified”.

“Having accepted the criticism at the meeting I think, on reflection, that this group of critics might like to consider whether an apology would be appropriate,” he said.

Because 400 notifications were sent out to a range of public bodies before the meeting, he believes it was adequately advertised.

However, only a tiny proportion of these people turned up. The amount of people in the room on police salaries was roughly the same as those who weren’t.

Angry resident Andrew Davies claimed to have contacted the commissioner’s office on five separate occasions without a response.

He said: “I know you won’t advertise because you don’t like people attending public meetings.”

Mr Ball said: “We are not trying to sneak through a meeting where few people as possible go to it. It’s frustrating for us, I would much rather have that room packed to the gunnels.”

The meeting was also streamed live on the internet and there were around 270 people watching.