Happy New Year to new parents!

Proud new parents Sinead Mancini and her fiancé Dean Callow with their daughter Olivia born in Warwick Hospital on New Year's Day. Photo: Mark Williamson

THE new year started very happily for couples whose babies were born at Warwick Hospital on Monday.

Jack Robert Michael Devey from Bearley and Olivia Sydney Callow from Warwick, were among the eight babies born to proud first-time parents.

Stephen, 31, and Charlotte, 29, had expected their first child to arrive around Christmas Day but Jack was born 1pm on New Year’s Day weighing 9lbs 3oz.

“He was 12 days late actually. He was supposed to be a Christmas baby,” said Stephen. “His due date was 20th of December. Suppose he didn’t want his birthday on Christmas.”

Stephen, who works as the general manager at Caz Bar in Stratford where his wife also works as the promotions manager, said his son’s birth serves as an early birthday present for him, as he turns 32 on Saturday.

“It’s very overwhelming, but in a good way. We got married a couple of years ago so it’s the start of our family,” said Stephen, who along with Charlotte hoped to return today, Wednesday.

“A family is something I’ve always wanted. I just want to be the best father I can be really.”

Olivia Sydney Callow arrived a few days early to her parents, Dean Callow and Sinead Mancini, both 22 years old. Olivia was born 4.14am weighing 8lbs 9.5oz.

“She was having contractions for like three days, and we were in hospital 22 hours before she was born,” said Dean. “It’s the best New Year. We have our little girl now and it’s just amazing.”

Olivia became the firstborn child for Dean, who works as a Tesco delivery driver and Sinead, who works as medical counter assistance for Day Lewis Pharmacy.

“We didn’t know what we were having so it was a lovely surprise,” said Dean, who expects to welcome home his new daughter today, Wednesday.

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    22 seems way to young to have a kid