SCHOOL CLOSURES: Full list here…

A snow plough out in the Cotswolds

SEVERAL schools will be closed for a second day today, Tuesday, following the weekend’s heavy snowfall.

Temperatures fell to around -6 degrees last night.

CLICK HERE full a full and regularly updated list of Warwickshire closures.

For a full list of closures in neighbouring Gloucestershire CLICK HERE

For Worcestershire closures CLICK HERE.

For Oxfordshire closures CLICK HERE

  • 1jamessmith1

    Bizarrely not one school in the list has Stratford in the name.

    How about for each day of closure the teachers & children forgo a day of Holiday like with any employer, starting with christmas holiday? There is nothing wrong with most of the roads near me at Morrison’s or even the Squirrel pub, just an excuse to start their Christmas holiday early. Who is going to compensate cleaners and others for lost time/ wages?

    • cwiseman

      “Stratford-upon-Avon Primary School is partially closed on 12/12/2017 and will re-open on 13/12/2017 School will reopen today at 12.30pm”